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Winter 2003

Style: Ethereal, Progressive House/Trance

Length: 74 mins

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  • Tracklist (click once):

    1. Hiatus - Aspirations (Junction Chilled Mix)

    2. Pako & Frederik - Western Approaches (Evolution Mix)

    3. Steiger - Post card from the Edge (Original Mix)

    4. Sander Kleinenberg - Buenos Aires

    5. Pete Lazonby - Speeches (Prawler Mix)

    6. John Graham & Steve Porter - Two Days on Landsowne

    7. Cirque - You & Me (Vocal mix)

    8. Medway - Trauma (Cmicalli Mix)

    9. Yunus Guvenen - Red Pilot

    10. Sasha - Rabbitweed

    11. Sasha - Xpander


Spring 2003

Style: Progressive House/Trance

Length: 68 mins

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  • Tracklist (click once):
    1. The Diogenes Club - Music for the Soul (Facedown in your Soul Mix)
    2. Bedrock - Emerald (Filterheadz Mix)
    3. Hamel, Swain & Snell - Future (Mix 2)
    4. Midtone - Pearl (Original mix)
    5. Mezz - No Way Out (Hamel Remix)
    6. Yahel - Butterfly
    7. Revolt - Relax (Lemon 8 Mix)
    8. The Low End Specialists - Smoked Piece (Hydrogen Rocker's Remix)
    9. Fred Numf & Eitienne Overdijk - Jamaica Skunk
    10. Yahel - You Feel
    11. Minilogue - Pixelized (Highland Remix)



Aural Rainbow





"You have a great ear.  I like that you danced the line between dark and light sounds, duality is something to strive for and you achieved it well.

"The track starting around 44 mins is BRILLIANT ... you have Digweed tendencies which is great."

"I love the CD. It rocks! 

"You've got your beat-matching, phrasing, and EQing down really well. 

"Seriously, compared to other demos that have been floating around on the board, I rate yours in the top 3 I've heard."

"It gives me a very Global Underground feel to it. The entire time I keep thinking, "this sounds a lot like a Nick Warren mix." I love the heavy use of vocal tracks. You can definitely see the GU influence on the mix

"I think your mixing skills are good and your track selection is excellent.

"Good CD, good track selection, good mixing"

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