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"If I don't see you in the future, I'll see you in the pasture!"

Raj's foray into the evolving world of electronica started off back in India in the early 90s to the tunes of KLF, Robert Miles, Real McCoy and 2Unlimited. Having grown up to the pop-sounds popularised by radio stations, these sounds enthused an urge to play them repeatedly without tiring to the fast paced beats. Little known to him he was already DJing in a primitive way - sequencing tracks in an order that would build the emotional outlook of the listener.

As with any musician the love for the arts could not be contained within the four walls of Raj's room. He soon started exploring the idea of hosting parties where he could DJ with the most minimal equipment - a dual tape player!! He was soon managing the music & mixing at all the parties thrown by his friends as well. 

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) was still to make a splash in India with only groups and tracks that would occasionally reach top 40 status filtering down to the Indian night life. As fate had in store for Raj he was soon on his way to the United States to attend a Master of Science program in Telecommunications at the University of Maryland, a development in his life that opened him to several opportunities including growing his love for EDM.

With a 2 year hiatus at grad school, Raj was formerly initiated to the sounds of the electronic underground through a chance listen to Sasha's influential Global Underground CD, GU 13 @ Ibiza. This would be a turning point in his life, finally realizing that his interest in dance music could finally find a larger commonality with the thousands of clubbers out there. This commonality, he'd soon discover, was for the sounds of Progressive House & Trance.

Raj soon discovered the existence of the Washington, D.C. Buzz parties which exposed him to even more DJs and their sounds. Eager to immerse himself in the electronica scene he helped promote 5" Taint and State Side's Stereo, Gravity Blue, Vision and Revival parties. Meanwhile Raj was honing his skills as a progressive DJ and taking any opportunity to spin before a crowd. He has since DJed at several house parties, including events on recurring trips to India, the Cold Turkey event and several one-off parties hosted by friends. 

In under 3 years, Raj has enthused emotive reactions in his listeners, may it have been while listening to his CD or when he was spinning live to a crowd. His mix sets can be described as starting off gradually to the mellower & atmospheric sounds of house, progressing into melodic notes with a sprinkle of vocals, and culminating with a rhythmic and haunting crescendo of progressive trance. The mix sets on this site exemplify this character while demonstrating his knack for selecting beautiful tunes and mixing them seamlessly into one continuous composition. 

During this time Raj has developed an acute understanding of the highly competitive music industry and continuously develops sales and marketing strategies that are built upon his unique insights of the DJ industry. So, at times when he isn't DJing or shopping for records he's looking at exploiting a hereto unknown model for encouraging music lovers to discovering D.C.'s bountiful nightlife.

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